My name is COB, and this year, beginning May 4th, 2010 I am doing all I can to eat real food and investigate the food around me. Oh, and I am bringing my wonderful husband and my one and three year old along for the ride.

I believe that we Americans are eating some pretty questionable things. Many of these things do not even qualify as food. I also believe that many of the so-called health foods, canola and other veg oils, genetically modified lean meats, and hormone laden milk, have been making us sick in the last 40 years. It is time to get back to basics, cook more, eat fat and teach our kids what we learn.

I work full time and I have a pretty hefty commute by American standards. Yet I am doing this blog and pushing myself not to turn to processed foods because I truly believe that my family will be healthier for it. Most of the reason I write this blog is because I know dozens of people who want to make changes and yet don't know where to begin. I want to show the world that making healthier changes, cooking and caring for your health is something that can fit into a busy modern life. I want you to leave my website feeling less intimidated by food and cooking. Life should be fun and food should be good.