What Have We Given Up?

There are alot of foods that we no longer eat. As I have been researching there are alot of foods that just don't cut the mustard so to speak. Some of them you will recognize, others maybe will surprise you.This is a growing list...

American Cheese-Do I need to explain this one?
Hot Dogs-Really? You understand this one.
Conventional crackers-Many conventional crackers contain TBHQ, a preservative used in conjunction with vegetable oils. TBHQ is a buntane derivitate. Most conventional crackers are also made entirely of white flour. We are working on boosting the amount of whole wheat flour, so most commercial crakers have gotten the boot.
PolyUnsaturated Oils like Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Safflower Oil-There is a growing group of people who believe that POLY unsaturated oils such as these are very unstable and go rancid easily, even during the refining process. Rancid oils are full of free radicals which set the stage for cancer. They are all highly processed foods, many using a gasoline derivative Hexane as a solvent. Be wary of any oil from a food source that is not generally considered high in fat.
Xantham Gum-Xantham Gum is stabilizer that is made from fermented corn syrup. It is liberally used in low fat and fat free foods to give them the "mouth feel" of higher fat foods.
Guar Gum
Cellulose Gum
TBHQ-See the note about crackers. TBHQ is a Butane derivative.
Bromates-Bromates are used in many commercial bakeries to help the dough rise faster. They have been linked to cancer and other health problems.
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Potato Starch
Powdered Cheese
Hydrogenated Anything-Hydrogenated fats are not recognized by the body and they can lead to build up in the arteries. The government (for what it's worth) recommends ZERO grams of trans fats per day. Trans Fats come from hydrogenated products, they are not found in nature.
All Food Dyes
Conventional Boullion-You would be FLOORED by how many different kinds of Non-Food goes into making a cube of boullion.
Chemical Nitrates-I am well aware that all foods have nitrates, especially raw veggies. But while many foods have nitrates, only chemical nitrates have been linked to cancer. So we will steer clear, thank you.
Refined Sugar in Excessive Amounts-Sugar won't kill you or even make you sick. But the more sugar you eat the more sugar you'll want. And excessive amounts of sugar have been linked with many degenerative diseases, candida infestations, leaky gut, etc. That is why we limit out sugar intake closely, and that includes honey and maple syrup too.
Refined or Enriched or White Flour in Excessive Amounts-Yes, your grandmother would recognize white flour as food. However, it doesn't really have many nutrients. While it is okay to eat some, too much is crowding the good stuff off your plate. Limit all wheat flour foods and make white flour a special occasion food, if you eat it at all.
Low Fat Milk Products-Be it milk, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, anything labeled Low Fat that is a traditionally High Fat food has been processed and likely contains additives. Fat doesn't make you fat, it fills you up and keeps you from overeating. So stick with the high fat milk items, enjoy how wonderful they taste and sit back and let yourself feel satieted. Happiness is so underrated.