Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank You for the Parenting Advice

I had to say Thank You to all of those who read my post The Epic Battle for Ultimate Control: Age Three

I got more comments on that than maybe any other post I have ever written. I loved the idea of one on one time. I also LOVED the idea that I am asking the kids too many times before I whip out the 'time out'. I tried it out this weekend, not asking for compliance more than twice and giving out time outs when I saw misbehavior or refusal to participate. The time outs got easier, the misbehavior cleaned up. Overall I think Thing 1 got the message that he had to get with it. And I haven't yelled, well maybe I have said like two things loudly. But NOTHING like the mess we were in a week ago.

In the last week you all have given me some very good advice. You have also given me alot of support. I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you admitted to yelling at your kids in much the same way I did. It made me feel less alone. I got emails from more parents saying they were in the same boat. And many parents like myself believed that the yelling works sometimes. It just goes to show you that no two kids are the same, nor are any two parents.

So here I am saying thank you!! I NEVER want to wish the time with my kids away (ever!) but here's to age four!!

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