Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CSA Pics Week 9: This iPad Has a Crappy Camera

Maybe the final post will turn out slightly better than I expect, but thus far it looks like to me that the iPad camera takes rather grainy images. I guess I will know tomorrow!

This week at the CSA I got two beautiful purple peppers (which is really saying something since I hate peppers), a pound of green beans, two yellow squash, one cuke, two bunches of rainbow chard, a head of lettuce and fifteen peaches. Everything look gorges and the quantity is managable.

WARNING: The complaints are piling up on the spousal front. He misses having a starch with dinner. My secret to getting through my CSA share this year has been making two veggies with every dinner. Dinner is simple in our house, a meat and one or more often two sides. I used to always offer the essential meat, starch and veg, but with the great amount of veggies in the house I have eliminated the starch in favor of another veg. Funny, I never did this in years past and I could never get through a whole share. Perhaps that is the trick I have been missing. I'll freeze or dry a bit, but overall I would prefer to just eat it fresh. I think I can hold off DH's complaining until potato season. He isn't a huge fan of potatoes, he much prefers rice, but I think he will be so happy to eat a starch after 6pm that he'll take what he can get!

What was your favorite item in your box this week?

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  1. I got yellow and orange tomatoes! So beautiful and delicious. Yum