Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have You Heard About 100% Pure?

Around this time last year I stopped using facial creams due to concerns over all the chemicals I was spreading on my skin. I switched to using only pure argan oil on my face, and other oils like apricot kernel or almond oils in lieu of body lotion. The result has been wonderful. I have virtually no dryness. I knew that I needed to switch to a more natural brand of makeup, but I was nervous. My mother was a lifelong militant Clinique user and I admit I have used almost nothing else.

I was turned onto the brand 100% Pure after reading the amazing blog Chic and Green. Karley Zigler Mott reviewed some 100% Pure products that had nothing but natural ingredients. The bronzer is tinted with cocoa power! Upon trying the 100% Pure products for myself I was really impressed at how well they covered, how smooth they felt, etc. The quality of the products is like an expensive boutique brand but without all the icky chemicals.

Since I had never heard of a company offering such pure cosmetics (that actually worked) I figured you might not know either. I asked Karley, since she also sells 100% Pure directly to consumers, to give us some more information about the company and the products. You can find Karley's product offering at Thanks Karley!!

As a former aesthetician, makeup artist, and woman who developed my own successful natural skin care line, I can tell you that I am extremely choosy about ingredients and product quality and safety. In 2009, I closed my business to spend more time with my children and to nurture my writing ventures.

I was no longer making products and needed to switch to products that I approved of in terms of ingredients and effectiveness. I was first introduced to 100% Pure when I heard a fried talking about the line a few years back and I decided to buy a lip gloss. I loved it. I also was receiving products to review for my blog and 100% Pure was one of those brands. After trying their skin care, I was so impressed that I started trying more items. I was hooked.

100% Pure was founded by Susie Wang in 2004. Susie grew up in Japan with her Geisha grandmother and she learned all about herbs, tea, sake, flowers, and more as an avid gardener since the age of 5. She went to college at UC Berkeley and actually discovered a way to use all-natural ingredients to stabilize Vitamin C so it didn't turn brown from oxidation. She actually patented this technology. After this, major cosmetics companies from around the globe sought Susie out for her knowledge and expertise.

She became a product developer and formulator, making the "next big things" in the beauty industry. After accidentally spilling a vial of a chemical that was supposed to go into an eye cream she was making, she noticed that the lab table eroded from the harmful chemical. She was upset about this and began to research ingredients and how they could impact health. She also was upset by the fact that even though companies claimed not to test on animals, many of the ingredients used had actually already been tested on animals.

Susie walked away from millions of dollars in job opportunities to create her own line of beauty products made without any artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, or harmful toxins. 100% Pure was born and is made with natural, plant-based and food ingredients.

Most everything is gluten-free and Vegan, which the exception of the products made with honey.

As a consumer, I was immediately impressed with not just the products I was using, but also the woman behind the line. I am a true 100% Pure fan, use the line, love the line, and now sell the line. I've been blogging for a living for a few years now and never thought I'd get into selling anything other than my own creations. When alex + von came along with an opportunity for me to sell my favorite brand (they also offer Suki and WeeDecor), continue to work from home, and share something I'm truly passionate about, I couldn't resist.

I love 100% Pure and sharing the line with everyone I talk to who has an interest in skin care and cosmetics. I love my customers and always want them to know I am here to help with anything at all. If your readers would like to, I do offer a complimentary skin care analysis to help them choose their ideal skin care regimen. It takes no more than 5 minutes to fill out and their product recommendations are emailed to them with my notes attached.

Some of my most favorite 100% Pure products-

Brightening Cleanser -- I love this because it really gives new life to tired skin. With natural lemon and kojic acid, it refreshes and enlivens dull skin.

Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream -- This smells wonderful, with natural vanilla and cocoa absolutes. It helps with dark circles, fine lines and puffiness and is my favorite eye cream in any price range.
Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer -- Using fruit pigments, such as white peach, instead of harmful dyes to color the product, this tinted moisturizer evens out my skin and gives it a natural glow without chemicals

Again, you can contact Karley at her website and be sure to read her wonderful blog Chic and Green. I encourage you to consider ditching your old standard cosmetics in favor of some that are held to a higher standard of purity.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I am going to look into this line. I have been wanting to find more natural makeup but I have been reading that even the mineral makeup is not great. The only thing I am hesitant about is giving up my mascara. I love it!

    Just and FYI the last link for Orderpurebeauty has a misspelling and does not go through.

  2. I have to be honest - that is pretty expensive...