Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Back To The Start

A friend sent me the below video on Facebook and I immediately loved it. Many people question how we got here to the land of hydrolized-soy-everything, high-fructose corn syrup and factory-farmed animals standing on great mounds of their own feces. Most men and momen in my generation weren't raised among the idyllic scenes of the self-sustaining farm, so for many of us food has been a comfortable mystery. And as we have dug further into our dependence on processed food, opening a box or package has become easier and more comforting than knowing the truth.

I should say, in the spirit of full disclosure, that the video is a Chipotle ad. I do eat at Chipotle. They try to source locally (whatever THAT means) and they don't use meats from animals that have been treated with antibiotics. But mostly, I like that their foods are straightforward. I love their vegetarian salads with beans and pico de gallo and guacamole. Recently I learned that the McDonald's Corporation divested itself of Chipotle in 2006. I repeat: McDonald's does NOT own Chipotle. Chipotle is a publicly traded company. I actually was not aware of this until writing this post. I like Chipotle even more now!

Take a minute to watch the video. I might have even had the tiniest tear stuck in the corner of my eye.

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  1. "Cultivate a better world." I love it! One of the most meaningful ads I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!