Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I called in sick to work today. Which I rarely do for myself. I will take time off if the kids are sick, but usually if I am not feeling well, I'll usually push through and still manage to get everything done. But today I woke feeling pretty crummy.
The best thing in all of this? DH had the kids in the morning and our baby sitter had them in the afternoon, so I had the entire day to rest and feel better. I have not gotten so much time for myself during the day (sick or not) since I had my first child. I admit it was kind of glorious to not be responsible for someone (or some work) for a few hours. I think by tomorrow morning this will be behind me.
It was hard getting dinner on the table tonight because I still felt run down. DH suggested that we order in. But we bought all this food over the weekend so I pushed through and made the whole wheat pizza crust. And boy am I glad that I did. I was starving for carbs, probably my body's attempt at trying to feel better. I ate my entire half. Which I couldn't even manage to do the first time I made it.
Here's to making it myself!

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