Saturday, May 15, 2010

The To Do List

It has been a couple weeks now and I have gone through many of my initial personal experiences regarding my family and it's food. But now I think it is time to make a to do list. Kind of like what I'd like to accomplish in the short term and the long term.

I am a consummate list-maker and goal-setter. I am a Gemini which makes me analytical by nature, and planning is completely involved with my list-making neuroses.

My first list (shortly to be available to click on on the side bar of this blog) is of common processed or ready made foods that my family and I normally eat in a given week. This would include:

Breakfast cereals (cheerios, shredded wheat, etc)
Pretzels(we like the Utz whole wheat pretzels--really I like them, I don't think the kids know the delicious white variety that they are missing)
Potato chips (never really met one that I didn't like)
Sometimes salad dressings
American Cheese
Those individually packaged cheese sticks (yuk, Thing 1 likes those)
Hot Dogs
Crackers-both the cheesy fish variety and otherwise
Cookies (sometimes!)
Granola bars or other snack bars
Ice Cream

And of course there are the condiments that sit around our house week after week avoiding consumption, things like mustard and ketchup and jams and the like.

If we are seriously considering getting off processed foods. I am going to hit everything on this list and add items to it when I realize that there are others I have forgotten. I would like to end up splitting these items into 1)Finding a non-processed or less processed version 2)Never eating them again because even organic varieties are still processed beyond belief or 3)Making peace and moving on.

If we can make changes to these core foods that we are eating every week, I think we can make some real progress. We might even be able to cut this list in half.

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