Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How's My Kombucha Doing?

I wasn't completely blog-free when we were on vacation. I did have a teensy bit of internet access while I was abroad, so of course I viewed my web traffic. And I saw something ODD! My post about Kombucha went viral. Okay, not really viral. But over 30 people shared the story with their friends on Facebook and I got almost 200 new hits over the course of a few days. That is at least a little bit viral. I was startled and excited! And I welcome each and every new reader that found me as a result.

But now it has been a few weeks since I first wrote about my Kombucha. And....what is it doing now? My Kombucha has been sitting on my counter top ever since I published the article on it almost three weeks ago. When we first came back from Morocco it looked and smelled like tea still. But now I see that there are little bits floating around in the tea! Success! My little microbial friends are procreating! And the little bits are not just moving around the bottom where my SCOBI is, but not they are all throughout the mixture.
I admit. I tasted it today. With a VERY clean spoon. And there was alot of vinegar taste to it because, well, it has vinegar in it. But I will be using this current batch to brew another larger, and hopefully tastier batch, so I am not worried. I am just hoping that I didn't break some Kombucha Law by tasting it mid-brew. I admit, I was curious!
I started this bad boy up on November 18th. I figure I will begin the second brew on December 16th. I am already fighting the urge to flavor the first batch. I really need to make at least one unflavored batch. But...Oh!...The possibilities are endless and I am too excited. Pray that I find the strength to restrain myself. In the meantime though I now have a collection of 7 GT's Raw bottles, and counting. I will be able to make up a nice batch once I get this going!

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