Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CSA Week 10

This week at the CSA we got another cornucopia of veg. One bunch of yukina, one head of lettuce, one beefsteak tomato, 2 small tomatoes, 24 cherry yellow tomatoes, two green bell peppers, teo onions, 2 zucchinis, 2 cucumbers, one bunch of radishes, four hungarian hot peppers, five ears of corn and a basket of black plums.

We all got a summer tummy bug last week so we weren't eating much, and veggies were not the food of choice when we did eat. I ended up with alot of leftover veggies. So I made vegetable curry! A new dish to clean out the veggie drawer.

I started with one small onion, two baby eggplants and three carrots. I sauteed everything in peanut oil (by the way-unrefined peanut oil will make everything taste like peanut butter, I pray you do not make the same mistake). Then I added three very ripe tomatoes. If I was writing a cookbook I would tell you to remove the skins, but this is a weeknight meal, so the skins go in! When that gets all cooked down I added curry powder, ground ginger, granulated garlic and cumin. Then I added three small cubed potatoes (peeled of course) and the two patty pan squash from last week. Adjust the seasoning and serve over basmati rice with plain yogurt. Very nice. And now I have room for all of this week's stuff.

And by the way-Happy Birthday Thing 2!! I can't believe you are a YEAR old today!

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