Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CSA Week 9

What a night.

First let me apologize about the post. I had to write this on my blackberry because DH decided to go out and enjoy adult company tonight taking with him the computer and the camera. I attempted to take pictures with my crummy blackberry, so if you see pictures then you can crown me queen of the handheld. And if not, well I will try to back track tomorrow.

After a massive day at work I leave the office only to realize that I forgot about the CSA. I have no bags, I forgot to call the babysitter, and I had to run an errand on the way home. The trains are all running 15 minutes late because 'of an earlier incident'. So needless to say I walked in the door 30 minutes late. Thankfully our amazing-superhero-babysitter was well into dinner. Which was a huge help because Thing 1 has been sick and earlier today he threw up on the floor. And he spilled Pediasure all over our coffee table, so everything smells like vanilla ice cream. There were crushed cherrios all over the place and stickers covering our living room lamp. Oh and Thing 1 also hid the screw top to our lamp's shade and now can't remember where he hid it, so now the lamp shade is bobbing in the breeze from the air conditioner. *Sigh* Life with children.

From the CSA today we got another midsummer haul. We got 2 onions, one fennel bulb, one bunch of celery, one bunch of basil, one bunch of chard, 2 huge handfuls of green beans, 3 stalks of broccoli, one bunch of baby lettuces, 2 beefsteak tomatoes, 5 roma tomatoes, 10 yellow cherry tomatoes, 2 patty pan squash, one bunch of carrots and 20 peaches. And I am still trying to polish off the peaches I bought over the weekend. I guess it's time for preserves!

What the hell am I gonna do with all these vegetables? I am thinking curry with the chard and some carrots and a can of beans I have-but what else! What are you doing with your stuff? Help Help!! Please comment! Don't leave me hanging in dead internet space!!


  1. My mom has been cooking chard with bacon (hers has nitrates but you can skip 'em!), chicken stock, onions, and a dash of balsamic on top. There may be other ingredients but that is what I remember. She might add a little nutmeg to the mix.
    I also recommend soup! The carrot, fennel, onion, and celery will be a great base for vegetable or chicken or beef stock.

  2. Those are good ideas. I like the bacon idea especially. When I bought the bacon earlier this month I froze it in three strip pouches so I could pull it out for stuff like this. It sounds great!

  3. That is a veritable smorgasbord of vegetables! And I have to say they look lovely! I cook chard in bacon, onions and garlice. Yumm. I have a chicken and fennel recipe if you're interested. Celery goes great with tomato juice and vodka...that's really the only place I use it other than chicken salad....hehe.