Saturday, August 14, 2010

How Do You Eat Healthy While Traveling?

Earlier this week I had a grueling day of travel. Flying to Chicago for two meetings and flying back to New York all in the same day. I was lucky enough to see the baby in the morning before I left, though since that was because he woke up at 5am (and I left the house at 5:45) I am not sure DH felt quite as lucky.

I always find traveling difficult. I am usually in my office all day with access to filtered water, a refrigerator and microwave and healthy restaurants not to mention the biggest Farmer’s Market in the Northeast just a few blocks away. When I fly at least there are various food options available and I can usually find a banana. But last month I drove for a few hours in the car and almost starved since the only thing available at the NJ turnpike rest stops were Burger King or Cinnabon. I try to pack snacks, nuts and a bottle of water, a Larabar, or fruit. But sometimes I simply run out of time and have to purchase food. But the options of whole or unprocessed foods are so limited while you are traveling. What are some things you do to eat healthy while traveling? Are there places you look for because you know you can get healthy or unprocessed foods?

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  1. I used to buy a ton of Skytop (antibiotic, hormone free) Turkey from the deli section, sliced cheese, and greek olives. DH, me, and the kids could make roll-ups with the meat and cheese. They seemed to last pretty well unrefrigerated. I always pack enough to make it through a delay plus the flight, since it seems rare nowadays that the planes take off on time.

    I also am always on the lookout for Jamba Juices and Wolfgang Puck restaurants. JJ can make any smoothie with all fruit and/or with yogurt- no juice or added sugar. Most WP restaurants will make scrambled eggs and cheese long after breakfast. Both of these are always a guaranteed hit with the family and tie everyone over until we land.

  2. I usually try to find a restaurant that has salads available. Then I just pick off the crap. If you can find a Chipotle Grill, they say their food is preservative free. And now a days, most restaurants offer healthy options.