Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CSA Week 19

Today I had to check and see what CSA week it was. It has gotten so far that I can barely keep up!
This week at the CSA we got 6 potatoes, one bunch of amazing carrots, a bunch of arugula, a bunch of leeks, a bunch of bok choy (I could also have chosen kale or chard), 2 eggplant, 2 squashes that were called something cute like mini-candy or sugar and spice or something, and 8 apples. This was a manageable week. I am on a major backlog. I have veggies coming out the wazoo. So I am actually kind of happy that this week offers a smaller amount.
I am the most excited by the garlic. A WHOLE BAG!! It contains 5 small heads. That's awesome. The Garlic from my farmer's market has been hit and miss this season. Sometimes it is sublime and other times it is dried out and awful. These heads look great. In fact everything I have gotten from the CSA (except the beets, but there is no accounting for taste, right?) has been lovely.

Lastly, we went apple picking with some friends this weekend. So I was a little bummed to find MORE apples from the CSA. But what else are we going to get in New England in the fall? Really? So now I have like 30 pounds of apples. And I still had some left from last week. I am going to have to start making them into dishes to go with dinner, because as desserts or snacks, we are not moving through these puppies fast enough. Sheesh. I have to get with it. Too bad I hate peeling the damn things so much.


  1. We also did apple picking. I was told to individually wrap each apple in newspaper to store them as long as February. Of course I won't know if it works for a while! We'll make more apple butter if necessary.

    I just got a recipe for arugula pesto... and with that good garlic you should try it. I can't wait to see if I get more arugula in my CSA today! 1c toasted pecans, 4 cloves garlic, 6c. arugula 2T lemon juice and 1/2c olive oil, salt&pepper.

  2. Whoa. I never thought of that one. I am making pesto asap. Thanks for the tip.

  3. We went apple picking the other week,a nd I still haev about three pounds left! I've cooked them down into a pie filling, except that I added it to a pork loin (you know me and pork)...delish, and I'm going to try to make apple sauce.
    As for the vegies, I've been roasting mine, but DH won't eat them if they've been in teh fridge over a day, so I put them in the blender (onions, garlic, zucchs, yellow squash, and some crazy lumpy, beautiful ones the color of sunset), added a little parm and had an amazing "bisque". Have fun and PLEASE post what you do with everything... I love your ideas!

  4. I have LOVED my pear butter
    & have been anxiously awaiting apples to makes some more. Also, my friend has a great apple & sweet potato recipe
    you could try for a meal ready apple idea.

  5. When you cook winter squash, cook an equal amount of apples. You don't necessarily have to peel the apples. For instance, slice the squash with the peel on (to be eaten with the peel) and roast the slices with a little olive oil (or fat of your choice), salt, and pepper (ground coriander or cardamom is also good in this). Do the same with the apples on a separate tray or baking dish because they usually cook more quickly than the squash. Then toss the squash and apples together before serving. If I'm making a dish with peeled squash, then I usually peel the apples. For example, I love sweet potatoes combined with an equal amount of peeled, chopped apples or some applesauce.

    You didn't get a head of cabbage in your CSA this week, but I'll bet they're coming. Apples pair so beautifully with cabbage! When I make braised cabbage, I always add unpeeled chopped apples (3 or 4 per head or even more if they're small apples). Besides lending sweetness, I think the natural pectin in the apples does something wonderful for the texture and consistency of the dish.

    I also add unpeeled chopped apples to any sauerkraut dish I make (1 or 2 apples per pound of sauerkraut). Sauerkraut is, after all, fermented cabbage and I think you mentioned wanting to try fermenting your own using the whey from your quark. Nothing goes to waste and that's a beautiful thing!

    My local Whole Foods makes a tuna salad with diced, unpeeled apples, celery, and dried cranberries that is completely scrumptious. I sometimes add unpeeled apple chunks to curries (recently made curried cauliflower with apples, onions, raisins, and toasted cashews). How about pairing apples with parsnips (roasted chunks or mashed or pureed). Or parsnips, carrots, and apples sound great together, maybe with a little fresh thyme thrown in. So there are some more savory ideas for apples.

  6. You should think about getting a juicer. I recently got a juicer for my birthday and I'm loving fresh apple juice among other lovely juices. Having fresh made apple juice is so much better than any store bought kind.

  7. You guys!!! I love these recipes! I especially like the idea of combining the apples and the squash. I actually have some sweet potatoes lying around too. This is brilliant. I am so glad to have you guys giving me ideas!!