Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fooding With Your Play

My guys are still a little young to be in the kitchen. Thing 2 likes to pull all the dish towels out of the drawer, then wad them up and shove them back in again. Thing 1 likes to sit, taste the various ingredients, watch and ask questions. But he also likes to break things and spill things (Like, on purpose), and has no concept that there is a particular amount of something that you should be putting in a recipe. I mean, if it is fun to crack eggs, every recipe should call for 6, no?

But Play-Doh is a wonderful medium for food. Below I have some veggies that I made (of course I made veggies)....I also made a bunch of bananas and some lemons (do you see that I am limited by color?) but Thing 1 smushed those before I got the idea to photograph them.

And after that I have some cookies that Thing 1 made (of course he made cookies).....
I actually think this is a good way for my guys to help in the kitchen right now. I will still try to get them in there wen I can, but this way they can really make something from scratch. Just like Mommy!

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