Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSA Week 21

Only ONE MORE WEEK LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am terribly sad about this.

This was a small CSA week. We got a bunch of kale, a bunch of arugula, one butternut squash, three Italian eggplants, two celeriac roots, a bag of red onions, 2 red(dish) tomatoes and two green tomatoes, two green peppers, a head of lettuce, and a turnip. Huh? One turnip? I will blame that on DH. I manned the kids while he chose the veggies. He asked me about a hundred questions...What kind of butternut do you want? What do you look for in an eggplant? Do you want daikons or turnips? I mean!! Just pick something!! They're vegetables!! Ok, I am over it. I don't want to be mean.
There is a slight chill in the air. There is a crisp smell on the wind. I came out of the subway tonight and it was dark. And we haven't even had daylight savings time yet. Honestly I am worried about fall vegetables. I have been dabbling in fall vegetables all while eating carrots and broccoli, both of which are still technically local for me (even if not EVERY one I have eaten has been local). But now, my kids' favorite stuff is disappearing from my refrigerator and all I have is this stuff that takes a really long time to cook. I am getting really nervous. Are my kids gonna hate me? Am I gonna be able to get dinner on the table on a weeknight? Am I gonna buy all non-local vegetables all winter?


  1. Just this last week I've started cooking tomorrow night's dinner tonight after dd goes to bed. Especially if it's something that needs to cook for an hour or more. It has worked nicely. Food for thought.

  2. roasted root vegetables! Get a parsnip and carrot, sweet potato and beet to add to that lone turnip. Yum!

  3. I know. I'm worried about winter vegetables too. And I didn't realize that the fruit share had stopped. Kale chips are a great thing to do to get the kids to eat Kale. My friend Cathy has a great recipe on her blog, Actually she has a lot of great fall food recipes. But I wonder how kid-friendly they are. Sigh.
    On thing, celery root is awesome with kale in lentil stew. And last night, my ten year old actually ate it!