Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate Cherry Ice Pops

It's true. I am pining for the summer. I look out the windows of my east facing apartment and I see the chimneys puffing steam in the distance. The snow has melted and every week or so we are treated with a 45 degree day like last weekend. Those are the days when it is easy to forget that we still have 3 more weeks of winter. Sorry Punxatony Phil, it doesn't matter what you said this year (I really am not sure what you said at all this year, actually), winter will continue until the vernal equinox of March 20th. But now that I am typing it out, 3 weeks sounds doable. So in honor of warmer times to come, I broke out the cheapy popsicle maker I bought at target years ago and made something I knew the kids would revel in, Chocolate Cherry Popsicles. I made the popsicles entirely from eyesight, just adding in what I liked and what tasted good. I am trying here to approximate the amounts, but don't look at this as a super tested recipe. Just more like guidelines....

Chocolate Cherry Ice Pops
1/2 cup of regular whole milk yogurt
1/2 cup full fat greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
1/4 cup of cherry juice (100% juice, no sweeteners, use something else if you can't get this)
2 teaspoons of cocoa powder
honey to taste

Place all ingredients into your blender, or I used the cup that came with my immersion blender. Blend and pour into popsicle maker. Freeze.

I bought cherry juice because I was looking for organic pomegranate juice at the grocery store. 100% organic pomegranate juice was $10 a bottle (yipes!!). And I only wanted it to make flavored kombucha. I thought $10 was too expensive, so the same brand offered organic cherry juice, not from concentrate with no additional ingredients. It was $6. Still pricey, but a better compromise. But instead of just serving up the leftover 3/4 of a bottle, as I am not a fan of juice, I thought there were some interesting things I could do with it. The cocoa powder is super high in antioxidants like bioflavinols, and by adding it I can tell my kids that the popsicles are chocolate. So there you go. Something I don't have to feel guilty about. And I can still manage to do some spoiling.

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  1. I love the combination of cherries and chocolate.