Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CSA Pics, Week 1

Welcome to our first CSA Delivery of the year! I am going to try and make my CSA posts this year all about beautiful pictures rather than lots of prose. An image is worth a thousand words after all. This first week we got Broccoli Rabe (never got that before), chard, radishes, butter lettuce, bok choy, garlic scapes and a pot of herbs-oregano and purple basil.

I finally get it. I am supposed to be planting the herbs. It is a way for me to 'finish what my farmer started'. It is an interactive excercise. So this year instead of taking my little pot and eating the delicate baby leaves right away. I am going to plant them in the hopes that they produce all season. Maybe we can make some friends for our tomatoes. Here's hoping!

1 comment:

  1. Your radishes are prettier than mine! Mine are huge and mishapen and one is bright purple! I love them though.