Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CSA Pics: Week 2

This week at out CSA we received a nice firm head of bok choy, a bunch of kale (hmmm...did I forget to grab that?), a bunch of beet greens, a bunch of nice looking turnips, a head of green leaf lettuce, a little pot of herbs basil and chives, scallions, 2 garlic scapes and a quart of strawberries.

I am extremely proud to say that the beet greens are gone. Though my hatred of beets is well documented, apparently beet greens are in my liking. I browned a curled up turkey sausage for din-din the night we picked up, and in the brown crust of the sausage pan I sauteed my beet greens with just a bit of water. All seasonings came straight from the sausage drippings. The greens were salty and perfectly cooked, all around delicious. Okay, I am making progress on the beet front.


  1. We got a lot of beets last year with our CSA, before which, I don't think I ever touched a beet. I saw your older posts on beets. I never thought to puree and bake with them. I will definitely be giving them a try. Thanks for the tips!

    A friend also recommended adding the puree to mashed potatoes to make "purple potatoes" for the kids.


  2. I have turned into such a kale fanatic! I can't believe you skipped it! :D

    Here are some delicious kale ideas:
    - Kale Salad: debone it, cut it up finely ("chiffonade"), and add strong-tasting salad dressing; my favorites: lemon and olive oil, with finely grated feta, or balsamic vinaigrette; especially yummy with lots of other salad toppings (tomatoes, avocados, corn, whatever). Great because it doesn't wilt and lasts in the fridge more than one day, or out on picnics
    - Kale omelets/ egg scrambles: chiffonade, wilt, and mix up with salsa and (I like goat or cheddar style) cheese - delicious!
    - Kale in pasta: chiffonade, wilt, and then mince up the kale (so it gets into tiny pieces that are not so visible in the sauce and are less easy to eat around by the picky eaters in my family), and toss into pasta sauce - I find that because it is so hardy, I can't throw in more than 1/3 or 1/2 of a head of kale per dinner, or it begins to overwhelm the sauce, but it works!

    Enjoy! :)