Monday, June 21, 2010

Are There Things I Shouldn't Eat?

The above questions came to me yesterday as we ordered lunch. It was of course Father's Day and a little family tradition has become getting brick oven pizza on Father's Day. DH really really really loves pizza. As we were ordering I had a real hankering for a Coke. I will drink a Diet Coke every now and then, but a full calorie Coke is a rare occasion. And I am even rethinking the Diet Coke thing because I don't know enough about the apspartame.

But as I was ordering, I stopped to think, after doing so much research about sugar this week, should I be drinking soda? It is a philosophical questions of course. A full calorie soda once a month will not be a huge hit to your health. And I have always been a "moderation" kind of person. I love the rich food, but I am able to have it once in a while and really enjoy it. However my hesitation yesterday was about principle. If I disagree with the politics behind a certain food or company, does that mean I can never eat it again?

I maintain that I have always tried to eat well with the food I have control over. I try to buy organic, try to cook most things from scratch. But if someone invited me over to their home I would NEVER turn my nose up at the food I was given. I feel that regardless of my principles that would be very rude. But what about that odd time I am craving a Coke? That is kind of gray.

There are some things I would never eat. But they are usually the kind of things that are gross AND against my principles (KFC's Double Down anyone??) But what do I do in this case? I am undecided.


  1. I'd like to know if you got the coke?

  2. Nope, I got Iced Tea instead. I really really wanted a coke though.

  3. once again, just now reading this. did NOT read it before my most recent post. eerie.