Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Dietary Guidelines

Okay--I may not have stated clearly, but I am actually on vacation this week, and I don't have the best internet connection. Not That I really want to be plugged in during a glorious week at the beach. But I don't want to just hang up a big ol' closed sign. But I am going to take the easy way out today.

I have become a huge Ed Bruske fan. He is a Washington Post reporter (Former? Did I read that? I am not sure.) Who lives in D.C. and has become very involved with his daughter's school and the school lunch crusade in general. His blog is lovely because he rotates between posts about gardening and cooking and more political postings about food politics and school lunch. I am very interested in nutrition and nutrition education (or the lack there of) and last week had had an amazing post about the new governmental dietary guidelines. Rather than take credit for all his hard work and try summarize his words, I am simply going to provide a link to his posting. Enjoy!

The Slow Cook: A Very Different Sort of Dietary Guidelines

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