Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CSA Week 3

So there it was, Tuesday morning. I knew a new batch of veggie goodness was to be delivered in the evening. But I still had veg from last week's CSA delivery! What's a busy girl to do??

Well, the last of the radishes got tossed in my salad. And the head of vitagreens got worked into breakfast. You may have noticed that my Honey Ice Cream recipe uses 9 egg yolks. And that is just half of the original recipe!!! (though a full batch of Gale Gand's vanilla ice cream won't fit into my ice cream maker.) Don't throw out 9 egg whites! They are of course full of healthy protein, virtually no fat and no cholesterol. All of an egg's cholesterol is concentrated in the yolk. Though today there is significant evidence that an eggs are healthy regardless of their cholesterol.

In a big pan I sauteed the vita greens with a chopped up garlic scape in a little butter (I should have used more butter, it stuck so bad it was more like scrambled egg whites). When the greens were all cooked, I evened out the greens so that they were evenly distributed in the pan and poured the egg whites over them. It was when I tried to flip them things got ugly. The enormous omelet broke up into three pieces. But wait! I can fix this!! I put one of the unattractive pieces onto two slices of whole wheat sourdough bread along with some cheddar cheese. Whoa. It was beautiful again. And amazing. What a great way to start the day. Too bad that Thing 2 turned his nose up at it. And I do mean straight up!!

And I am pleased to say that I ate all my CSA veggies before I picked up this week's share. It is a rare, but momentous occasion.

This week from the CSA we got Spinach--really lovely spinach I might add, last week's spinach liquefied before I got a chance to eat it--kholrabi, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, a big bunch of radishes (I am kind of disappointed that I didn't choose the turnips but the radishes were so delectable looking), bok choy and strawberries. I cannot wait to dive into that spinach. The farmer recommended making pizza with feta cheese and spinach and garlic scapes. That sounds like it is right up my alley. I can go to the Union Square Green Market tomorrow for some fresh sheep's milk feta!

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  1. Invite me over when you make that pizza! Sounds incredible!!!