Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snugar Peas

This last weekend at the farmer's market it was as if the whole earth exploded vegetables! I have been waiting for this week. From just before the beginning of this project we have been going to the farmer's market every week and it has been a difficult thing to get everything that we need! But last week we saw the first week of the various stalls being flooded with items. I knew it would happen, but I wasn't sure when.
We saw the old standards, apples and potatoes, all the milk and meats, but this week there were new things! Kohlrabi and big bunches of adult spinach, and sugar snap peas!

I bought a big bag of sugar snap peas, they were so cute with their little hats on one side and their curly-Q tails on the other. Their peas were little, but their pods were big and fat and the folks told me the whole thing was edible.

I put some into our mix of baby soup this week (big success) and Thing 1 was curious enough to eat one raw. He only took one bite, but he told me they were good, and frankly I was thrilled to see that he tried them so easily these would make a great raw snack. They taste even sweeter than carrots!. When first showed them to Thing 1, he asked what they were. I told him they were 'sugar snap peas' and he called them 'snugar peas' for the rest of the morning. I am not sure I will ever call them anything else for the rest of my life.

I plan on using the rest tonight with a pound of salmon I bought. I will put a soy/ honey glaze on the salmon and broil it; and the peas will get a quick blanche before getting a simple dressing of sesame oil. I can't wait. Talk about an easy meal! There is an amazing almost no prep meal. I will put this fish into marinate in the glaze in the morning so I can throw it under the broiler when I get home. I'll reheat some already made brown rice, and then boil the peas. The whole thing will be healthy and balanced and take no time at all. Sweet.

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