Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An All New Cop-Out Wednesday!!!

I have alot of things to say. Too many things to say. But as this blog has continued, I have fewer "snippets" and more "novels". But I don't always have the energy to make them come to life. Such as when I am still coming back from a terrible cold that laid me up for almost four days and an overflowing inbox at work.

So...Welcome to Cop-Out Wednesday! Cop-Out Wednesday is when I link up to an article that I have recently read and enjoyed simply because I am too lazy to write my own real blog post. I promise to make no attempts to convince you that this is a real blog post. And because we are paying homage to laziness, I make no promise that Cop-Out Wednesday will happen every Wednesday. Nor do I promise that Cop-Out Wednesday will always occur on a Wednesday. It might be on Thursday next week. I am lazy, that's what this is all about.


I recently discovered Dr Mercola. There's alot of things I like about Dr Mercola, he favors an unprocessed diet. He believes that health must be viewed as a whole picture. He is a fan of Nutritional Typing or Metabolic Typing (more on that when I overcome my laziness). He is also not a huge fan of drugs. I don't like drugs. I am not crazy about most medications, but certain medications that CURE an illness like eye drops for the pink eye we had last week, or antibiotics for a true infection are worth the risk of taking. Most Americans don't realize that the vast majority (if not all) of advertised perscriptions are created to treat the symptoms of a chronic disorder rather than cure anything. Pills today are designed to be taken every day so that once you start taking them you take them forever. That is really wrong to me. That is profits before health! Bad Bad Bad!

Dr Mercola's site has a nice recap of some harmful drugs. And you will recognize some of these names...

And there it is. WHAT A COP-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are the LEAST lazy person I know. In fact, as a personal friend who is concerned that you've possibly over-loaded your plate, I'm glad you've chosen to do this. What you accomplish in a day has never ceased to amaze me.


  2. Thanks TQ, you always do so much to boost my ego everyday!!!

  3. Seriously?! I think human is a better description than lazy! Give yourself some grace, sister!

    I love reading your posts as I am trying to find my way out of the processed food jungle for my family. Thanks for all the suggestions!