Monday, January 31, 2011

What Did You Eat This Weekend?

What did you eat this weekend? We had a couple of new dishes, so we ate well, the kids? Not so much. They don't cope well with change.

We got 19 inches of snow last Thursday. Our park is like a ski slope with the snow so packed that it still sinks when you land a hard heel in the ground, but the kids can't put a dent in it with their 30 pound weights. We went sledding in Ft Tryon park Saturday and both kids had a great time. Thing 1 actually trudged all the way up the hill by himself and sledded down by himself too! At three and a half! I had visions of being the parent on the sidelines as my kids get older. It was both thrilling and bittersweet. But he had an awesome time. Thing 2 was also hooked to the speed of sledding. When Thing 1 was his age, he was petrified of the sled. But this weekend, Thing 2 was a beast, laughing all the way down.

We also toured a cute school in Inwood that we might choose for Pre-K for Thing 1 in the fall. The entire weekend was devoted to activities that reminded me how our little life with babies would be changing soon.

But there was so much snow last week that we parked our car a week ago Sunday and kind of forgot about it. Alternate side parking has been canceled for days, and we never even bothered to dig out. Instead we cancelled all our plans (I wasn't feeling great anyway) and stayed in. I wish I had a picture of our car, because it is COMPLETELY covered, and quite funny. And I think we own the only car on the street that hasn't been dug out. But...why move it? There is more snow scheduled to come Tuesday. I am feeling particularly beleaguered.

Here are some food highlights from last week and the weekend....

* I worked like crazy last week. I was late a couple nights and missed two nights altogether. The kids definitely had Chinese food with dad while I was gone, and there was talk of McDonald's too one afternoon. I whipped out a couple of furious texts to Daddy-Dearest though, and he later said it was too snowy to go to McDonald's. Hmmmmm....I hate being a nag. But McDonald's is the line. They don't even like it, so why parade it as a treat? I decided that I am morally opposed to McDonald's. It will only upset their tummy.

* I made a couple of new meals this weekend, and the kids ate precisely nothing for dinner both Saturday and Sunday night. I didn't lose my cool though. Everyone drank their milk and one night had a little bread (which was being served with dinner) so I know they were okay. I will persevere and they will eat those yummy dinners soon. Those recipes to come this week!

*After sledding I made an excellent (if I do say so myself) hot chocolate. I took 4 cups of milk, a quarter cup of rapadura or whole cane sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, a shake of cinnamon and a heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder and heated it in a saucepan. I also added a little bit of shaved chocolate because we have it in the house. It made for a very special treat. Thing 1 inhaled it. Thing 2 kind of bit the straw on the cup, and didn't even drink half. He didn't even cry when I took it away from him....who knew?

* The car was so buried that we didn't even go to the grocery store. We stayed home. Since I over bought last weekend and worked too much during the week, we have plenty of food. At least to piece together some dinners.

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