Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ranch Dressing Anyone?

I am not sure that there is anything that smacks more of processed foods than Ranch Dressing. To me Ranch Dressing embodies everything that is common and maybe a little gross about American food. And yet, it always seems to be there, beckoning me. I have loved ranch dressing from waaaaaaaay back. And I have loved everything about Ranch, like Doritos and chips and all the other fake foods that are flavored with this most offensive of all flavors.

But while Ranch Flavored is usually a tag word for "non-food", it can be done properly. I have a little hint, equal parts granulated garlic, granulated onion and dried parsley with about half as much sea salt. Then mix the powder into some full fat yogurt and you have yourself a thick and delicious ranch dressing that you don't have to feel guilty about. Just be sure to get some high quality granulated spices that have no anti-caking agents added to them. I have used this dressing with raw veggies at parties, it is always a hit with the kids. I have used it on salads. And I have even used it to eat with the occasional contraband potato chips.
This yogurt dip is also very good mixed with some mashed up avocado. And if you are really craving a salty treat, mix in a little Frank's Red Hot, or homemade fermented hot pepper sauce. I happen to really like the taste of Frank's Red Hot, and it has no funky ingredients, no stabilizers and no preservatives. This is a go to sauce. And if you are a closet Ranch lover like me. There is no reason to be closeted any longer.


  1. I LOVE RANCH DRESSING. It's no secret, I am from Texas afterall, and we put Ranch on everything. But I know that it's really really bad for me...le sigh.

  2. So then you gotta make my yogurt version. It is really not something you have to worry about!!