Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cop-Out Wednesday: Independent Analysis Concludes Taco Bell Ground Beef Only 35% Beef

I had virtually no time yesterday, but in the 15 seconds that I was online yesterday I managed to come across an article that my girlfriend had shared on Facebook. The article was about an independent analysis of the ground beef at Taco Bell. Apparently it is 35% beef and 65% fillers like wheat oats (what is that even? The last time I checked wheat and oats were two totally different species!), maltodextrin a corn based sugar/ stabilizer and soy lecithin another thickener. Delicious right???

I am convinced that about a third of those that read this blog are my facebook friends. So, sorry about the duplication. But I felt that the article so shocking that I couldn't resist posting. Besides, I am seriously backed up with work, but better to post late than not at all!

The article is so shocking because Taco Bell has avoided disclosing the contents of it's food for years. I even mentioned a couple weeks ago in my post on meat grades that old rumor about Taco Bell served grade "Z" meat. That isn't true, but now we get some confirmation about where the rumors came from. Also, the government has comparatively low standards (in my opinion) of the legal definitions of "food", so the idea that a major player in the fast food industry is serving "meat" that doesn't meet the legal definition of "meat" is huge. And furthermore, beef is a gluten free food, so the addition if allergens like wheat and oats is enormous. Especially considering that the quantities have not been previously disclosed.

No one reading this post probably eats at Taco Bell today. But it's likely you used too. But still, take a look at the article below and feel free to share this post. This info should reach every pair of eyes in the country. Because I truly believe that the average American wants to eat real food, it's just that they don't know that they currently aren't.

And let this article serve as a warning to McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, and all the other regional chains-if you are serving us ground up soy and corn or other grains that is marketed as beef, you better clean up your act. Because Americans don't like being deceived. And while we have only started our journey, the public is asking questions. And when the answers come out, we are sharing everything on social media. Bad news travels fast.

Taco Bell Sued Over Meat That's Just 35% Beef


  1. Eating out used to be fun and now it's definitely not. UGH!! I'm too freaked out about what I'm really eating that I just go home to make a PB sandwich.

  2. I thought the lawsuit was a little funny because I don't think anyone really thought that taco bell was actually serving up real beef...I mean they sell their tacos for 59 cents, I can't even make a ground beef taco at home for that cheap! The thing I found interesting was when they were interviewing people on the news about it the people didn't seem to care that it wasn't really beef.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I don't eat taco bell "meat", but I know several people who do, and goodness knows I enjoy an article with a few good puns. I do think it's sad (not to mention scary) that we've gotten so far from whole foods, and even more depressing I know of at least one or two people who would read this article and say "who cares".

  4. I agree, it's really sad that people don't seem to care. Theya agree with the USDA, that anything that won't kill you (instantly) can be considered food. Edible does equal food. :(