Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CSA Week 13

Sorry about the picture, it seem to have spontaneously turned itself and I can't seem to right it!
The colors of the CSA fare started to turn today, From all green with one or two golden or red items, to now equal amounts of yellow and red and greed. Red, Gold and Green. But I am channeling Boy George now so I should stop.
To, seriously, there has hardly been a more beautiful week from the CSA. This we we got a gorgeous head of lettuce, one bulb of fennel (I still haven't eaten last week's fennel), one luscious bunch of carrots, two onions, a bunch of cilantro, a pound and a half of the first potatoes of the season, two golden peppers with the prettiest orange streaks, 3 habanero peppers (what the hell do I do with these???) a pound of Italian flat beans, three medium red tomatoes, one green stripey zebra tomato (how exotic) and 50, yes that's right 50 golden cherry tomatoes! Whoa. I am going to be eating tomatoes until kingdom come. We also got 12 nectarines.

The Things and I ate nectarines for dessert last night and they were glorious. They tasted like wine and sugar. More complex than a peach, juicy without being runny. They truly were perfect. I am speechless. And thankful. This summer between the nectarines, farmer's market grapes, strawberries and sour cherries among others, I have lived a life in fruit. I never knew the depth and passion of fruit. I might never be the same.


  1. habaneros: Roast them either in your broiler or directly in the flame on your stove. Let them sit till thoroughly cooled. Then peel off the skin (use rubber gloves unless you are totally confident in your ability to remove the pepper oil from under your nails.) Also roast one or two red tomatoes or about 8 tomatillos (not sure if you can find these locally-grown but they are my preference. Into a blender or food processor with the pepper, the tomatoes, one large raw garlic clove, three whole peppercorns (or a few turns of the pepper mill) and about a teaspoon of salt (to taste obv.) Pulse until reasonably liquidy. Heat a couple tablespoons of a flavorless oil into a skillet. Dump the salsa in, swish your blender with a bit of water and then add the water to the salsa. Bring to a boil then let simmer/reduce for a few minutes. Beautiful HOT salsa. (MIL's recipe)I have a number of healthy dishes you can put this on top of or you can just dip your favorite tortilla chips in them. let me know if you want to make enchilada out of this.


  2. Mmmm.. Thanks for the salsa recipe! Looks DELICIOUS!

  3. It's as authentic as they come! You can substitute any pepper you like, I really like dried ancho chilis for this too.

  4. I was going to say throw the habaneros in a stir-fry or some chili but, COB, you have kids and habaneros are probably way too hot for them. It's the one pepper I won't eat raw and I like super hot foods, the kind that make your lips sore for hours after eating them. Anyway, the salsa idea likely works better for you since you can easily serve the 2 Things a milder salsa or no salsa at all.

    TQ, your recipe sounds phenomenal! I'm going to try it out. I saw locally-grown tomatillos at a farm stand near my house last weekend. I live in central CT and I was a little surprised and very happy to see that they're being grown here. I bought some locally-made tostada shells and some cojita last night. Now I have this great salsa recipe to try thanks to you!

  5. Thanks T--I am having pork tacos tonight for dinner. I wish I was home this afternoon to make this salsa! I think you showed me how to make this many moons ago.