Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CSA Week 16

This week at the CSA we got 2 pounds of potatoes, 2 frying peppers, a couple of hot chiles, a bunch of carrots, one head of lettuce, 5 ears of corn, 3 medium tomatoes, one gorgeous purple tomato, 15 yellow cherry tomatoes, a bunch of basil and a bunch of cilantro (I chose cilantro, you could also choose sage or dill ), 8 apples and one delicious and slightly intimidating acorn squash.

2 years ago we got baby acorn squashes and I made them for Thing 1 and he ate them up. Last year when I made them again, nope, not even a bite. Hopefully last year was just a fluke. I still have a couple things from last week that I am trying to clear through. I think we'll catch up in the next couple of days.

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