Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CSA Week 15

This week at the CSA we recieved 2 roma tomatoes, 3 medium tomatoes and 25 cherry tomatoes. I chose one bunch of swiss chard (gorgeous green chard), a bunch of leeks, 16 small potatoes, a small head of lettuce, two great handfuls of green beans, a bunch of beets (Anyone want my beets? They are free if you are willing to pick up!), a seductive bunch of sage and 10 green and slightly underripe peaches. I am planning one last batch of sauce before the tomatoes are all gone, and I am thinking potato leek soup because that sounds amazing and I have some chicken bones leftover to start making my own stocks.
I got home late since I picked up my share tonight and took out a container of my frozen Sunday Sauce for dinner with some whole wheat pasta I picked up at the Farmer's Market over the weekend. I got the pasta on the table on time (Whew!) but Thing 1 only ate a little bit. It was because the peaches were sitting out on the table. He cried and cried for peaches. Good I know, but fruit is dessert in our home. I told him he had to eat so much pasta before he could have peaches. So he cried and complained, and I spoke and explained, and finally after 5-10 minutes, you know what he did? He ate his pasta. Mommy: 1, Thing 1: 0. Well, that was today's score. Had it been a longer time period no doubt the score would have been more like Mommy: 12, Thing 1: 976.
Too bad though that the peach was kind of green tasting and underripe. Oh well. There is a chill in the air, and no doubt apples will soon be pushing peaches out of our weekly share. *Sigh* I am mourning the summer. It will be at least 7 cold months until I will see her again.

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