Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mary's Gone Crackers

When I started this blog I imagined a string of product reviews. But I have realized, that when you value whole foods, there are not that many 'products' that fall into that category. Processed foods and prepackaged foods generally contain additives and sugar and alot of the time center around commodity products like corn, wheat and soybeans, all foods that are holding less and less of a market share in my diet. There is one new product that I am excited about. Mary's Gone Crackers.

It wasn't until this afternoon that I even realized that this title is a pun, on one hand the crackers are 'gone' because they are so good you always eat them all. But also, Mary is clearly 'crackers'. Ha! I love that stuff.

What are Mary's Gone Crackers? They are these very crunchy, very savory crackers that are wheat and gluten free and certified organic. Their main ingredients are brown rice, whole quinoa, flax seeds and sesame seeds. I started buying them recently because I have not found a good cracker that is minimally processed enough and some friends at work have become positively hooked on them. Now me too. I have not yet brought them home for the boys, but perhaps I should! I have been buying the herb variety, and I can see the rosemary right there in the cracker! That is refreshing.

Their website states that the cracker recipe was invented in 1994 after Mary and her son were both diagnosed as having Celiac Disease. She started reproducing grain based deserts like brownies and cookies from gluten free grains, but it was the crackers, that she would make at home and bring to parties so that she could enjoy dips and cheese, that really took off. These are crackers that you will love if you are a Celiac, but everyone in my office loves them too, and we do not have wheat sensitivities.

Mary's Gone Crackers has a website where you can purchase cases of their products as well as locate a store to buy them in slightly smaller sizes.

I have lately begun to limit wheat for both myself and my children. Wheat just doesn't supply enough nutrition to form the basis of a healthy diet. I would describe my wheat intake as recreational right now, I love to eat it, but it is not the main event. My family might never be off wheat completely, but I love having a product that is wheat free and organic and still tastes good. Thanks Mary!!


  1. Thanks for the info! I'm going to have to try these out (I have a wheat intolerance). It is so hard to find good substitutes for crackers!

  2. My neighbor and celiac friend gave me a box of these puppies and I loved them, but alas I never replaced them after I gobbled them all down. Perhaps I will now!