Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And Just Like That, We Have a Tomato

The conversation went a little something like this...

Me: {Thing 1}, come back to the table and finish you lunch.

Thing 1: Oooh Mommy! One of our tomatoes hatched!

Me: {Thing 1}, I mean it. Get off the radiator and come back and finish your ham.

Thing 1: But there is an itty bitty baby tomato over here. I told you the toothbrush would work.

DH: {THING 1}!!! This is what we have been talking about, you need to listen the first time we ask you something!

Me: Thank you {Thing 1}.

Thing 1: Since we grew that tomato, I am going to eat that tomato. But only because we grew it.

Me: That's great.

Thing 1: I told you the toothbrush would work.

Me (walking up to look at the tomato plant): Oh My God {DH}!! There really is a tomato on this plant! I can't believe it! {Thing 1} wasn't joking! Hahaha!

I did get that spinny twirly toothbrush. It was $7.99 and it seemed foolish not to try it. I don't know if this tomato came from one of the flowers that I just tapped with my fingers or if it was one that got the toothbrush treatment, but either way. We have a bonafide real tomato growing in our house. I now have several shriveled up flowers on both plants, shriveled up flowers that have not dropped off the plant. I feel like that is a good sign that more fruit is coming our way. I spent some time on Saturday pruning the yellowing branches away. And I have noticed quite a few fruit flies that I think came from the compost. The larvae were probably in there when I bought it. I am not sure whether the fruit flies are harmless or not. They haven't spread to other parts of the house and while there are many flies, they seem to like to just sit on the tomato plants. I don't quite know what to make of them. But so far I can find no issues with them.

Now the hard part comes, keeping the Things away from the growing tomato. I don't know how long it will take to grow and possibly one of the Things will touch it or tear it off before it is fully developed. I don't want that to happen. Most of the other flowers are out of reach. But this one is in prime toddler grabbing area. And they are VERY excited. Truth be told, so am I.

I did it!!! My little girls are making babies!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your new arrival!

    We're so happy for you!