Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday F*#@ Ups and Triumphs, #2

Welcome to Friday F*#@ Ups and Triumphs at The Table of Promise!

This Non-Processed Food Blog Carnival highlights posts from Practical Real Food bloggers. Not everything I have made has worked out so well, the inedible empanadas that were a waste of both time and delicately flavored pastured pork come to mind. But we either learn something valuable from these experiences or just get a good laugh.

At this blog carnival you are encouraged to link up not only your kitchen successes but also your kitchen failures. True kitchen victories will also be applauded! But tell us what you have learned or what you would do differently next time! Tell us what your kids loved, but don’t forget to share what they ground into the carpet too. Eating real food and experimenting with new ingredients can be both fulfilling and harrowing. Humor and toddler drama are highly encouraged as they make for good reads. Please, when linking up, follow some basic rules:

1- All recipes should include real food ingredients, no processed yuckies. Recipes including premade pie dough, velveeta or spam need not apply.
2- Please provide a back link to this page at the end of your post. Bloggers who include the Blog's name 'The Table of Promise' earn extra special love points.
3- Tell people about this link up! The more people who know about it, the more people will submit which means more readers for you! More people equals more fun!

Every week I will try highlight one or two awesomely inspired or hilarious posts. But…as a working mommy, I promise to be inconsistent at best.

Last week was of course week number one, and I got exactly one link up. But that's okay!! Thank you to hawkeyejlp for submitting a really easy and amazing looking Blue Cheese Potato Salad! Definitely check our her site! And please submit this week. I am really interested in reading all of your amazing blog posts



  1. I dont' know how to link up anything. But I do have a F*#@ Up...I was so excited to make my first ever home made pickled cucumbers. I wanted to make sour dill pickles. I prepped for days buying the jars, making separating curd from, getting the Dill, and whole mustard. I lovingly washed and sliced my cucumbers and assembled them in the jar which I placed in the back of my pantry for three days. ON the third day I could hardly wait to pop the jar open and take that first crispy bite! Blech! Something was not right. They tasted like rotten I went back over the recipe and realized I'd forgotten to add salt. SALT! of all things! At least I was home alone when it happened so no one witnessed my wretched first attempt at home food preservation. Fear not, however, I have plenty more jars, cukes and whey and I will make a fresh batch...with SALT. Also plannign to try sauerkraut cause I have a shit ton of cabbage from my CSA and plus I just love sauerkraut so why not! Wish me luck!

  2. sorry - just realized there's a typo: it's supposed to say making cheese/separating curd from whey. Oops.