Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA Pics: Week 7

This week at the CSA we got a nice manageable share. We got two enormous zucchinis, two enormous cucumbers, I had a choice of several greens and I chose some collard greens, a bag of salad greens, a bunch of beets, a small fennel bulb and a head of lettuce. We were supposed to get a bunch of fennel fronds, but I couldn't manage.

With the zucchinis I am planning on making muffins because it seems like a good idea. And I knew the kids would like them. The zukes have been tough this year, no one wants to eat them except me. I am kind of obsessed with the possibilities of this collard greens recipe, collards and bacon. I actually chose the collard greens specifically for this recipe. Wish me luck. And I still have the fennel bulb from last week, so I might combine them and try and roast them. Other than that, I am just happy that it is not an overwhelming amount. I haven't made a starch with dinner in two weeks.

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