Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Wish My A** Would Speak Up More

My mouth, well she is quite a yakker.
And she causes me to be a snacker.
She just talks, begs and groans, she won't quit,
Until she has thrown quite a fit.
When my mouth wants some junk she just yells,
And this nagging, it sounds alarm bells
"Give me cake, chips and pizza right now!"
She won't quit 'til I'm big as a cow.

Now my tummy is harder to read.
Because sometimes she says what I need.
When I truly need food then she cries,
"Give me meat, milk or veggies, not pies"
But when she's had her fill she falls quiet.
Yet my Mouth is still yearning to try it!
When my tum's full my mouth takes control
It is clear that she's still on a roll.

My back side's the quietest of all.
She speaks in a voice that's so small.
I wish that she'd turn up the sound
And pound my mouth down to the ground.
"Your crying for snacks Mouth is weak
And those calories just make me freak!
All those chips are just making me grow.
Getting bigger, it makes my top blow!"

I wish that my a** would speak up.
Or my mouth would just simply shut up.
Because every time I see a treat,
It always goes straight to my seat.
But if my mouth didn't want junk
Then I could resist and not flunk.
It's so hard to say no when your mouth
Keeps on making your diet go south!