Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Goals for the Upcoming Year

1- Make a big pot of beans every week.

2- Get Thing 1 to eat 2 beans at each meal where they are served. Get Thing 1 to eat 1.

3- Get Thing 2 to eat dinner more than twice a week.

4- Pack healthy meals for both the kids when they are in school and daycare this fall.

5- Get a physical and all the blood work that goes with it. I would be curious to see what my Vitamin D level is, or my cholesterol.

6- Stay on a weekly budget. I might tell you what that budget is in a few days/ weeks. Until then you will have to guess amongst yourselves.

7- Research a series about salt. (That is actually underway.)

8- Learn more about soy.

9- Try making dumplings. Like the filled kind. And many of them.

10- Buy a sausage stuffer.

11- Buy a pasta extruder.

12- Make different kinds of tamales. Or really more Mexican food in general.

13- Read up on juicing.

14- Finally make soap. I have had the stuff sitting in my closet for 4 months.

15- Possibly, bread? Sourdough? Could I possibly?

16- Solve the problems in the Middle East. (ha—just kidding)

17- Send out my to-date-unfinished book proposal. Maybe that one should have been Number One…

Did I miss anything? Is there anything you think I should do or read up on? How can I make our family healthier?


  1. Great list! My oldest will be eating lunch at school this fall, for the first time, and I've already decided to pack most, if not all of them from home. I've never had to do this before, so it will be a new challenge for me!

    Salt is a good area to research-I did this a few months ago, and we started using Celtic sea salt as our main salt. I love the taste and texture of it, and I'm happy that we're now getting some beneficial minerals when we use it.

    Can't wait to see what #6 is-I love talking about grocery budgets :)

    I actually have my yearly physical today-I wonder if I should have my D levels and cholesterol checked too? I'll try to remember to bring this up with my doctor.

  2. I hope you post your findings on the salt and the soy, especially the soy. My grandma has some views that I am trying to decide if they are true or misconceptions. And I would love to hear about your budget. That something I think about constantly!
    Good luck with packing the lunches - it is hard work and time consuming. I made the mistake of taking a break and started to let my son start eating school lunched and that was a HUGE downfall for us. Hang in there - you can do it!