Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSA Week 7

This week at the CSA we got green beans (first time this season!), cippolini onions, chard, many cucumbers, beets, cherry tomatoes (no picture, already consumed), 1 beefstake tomato, 2 zuccinis, and apricots. The Apricots are pretty good. The pits come out easily, but they are kind of sour, so I haven't decided. I might make a rustic pie...they need a little help in the sugar department.

We have no real plans for cooking major stuff this week, so the veggies will probably be mostly consumed as side dishes, nothing interesting. However, I never ate the cucumbers from last week, so I combined them all and made Half Sour Dill Pickles. I found the recipe online in another blog and have provided the link. This is a fermented recipe so there is no vinegar. I found a couple of fermented recipes online and I am slightly skeptical of how it will come out. There has been terrible heat in the Northeast recently, that can only make things pickle faster. I placed everything in a large bowl with bay leaves, garlic, peppercorns, a few mustard seeds, dill and dill seed and alot of salt. I have to let them sit a week (maybe less in our current weather state). Fermented foods are traditional and very healthful, think yogurt, kim chee, certain types of soy. But the average American is a little wary of letting their food sit out on the counter for a week. But I am game. I will be your guinea pig. I will tell you how it goes next week.


  1. I love seeing the photos from your CSA! We have a blog dedicated to our CSA with photos of what we get from every share and the different ways we use it. I hope that you check it out! The more people sharing what they get in CSAs encourages more people to try them in the future!