Monday, July 12, 2010

My Low(er)-Flour Diet

Last week I mentioned that I was sick from all the flour after our trip to Block Island. I cut back on flour all week and here are all the floury items I consumed last week:

Tuesday-croutons on my salad for lunch
Wednesday-croutons on my salad for lunch, half a cookie for a snack (it was a pretty big half), bread with dinner (I ate at a real restaurant, where someone takes your order and they take reservations-and there were no children present, Thank You DH!!!!!!!)
Thursday-croutons on my salad for lunch, a couple of dumplings with dinner (Not the asian kind of dumplings, the southern comfort kind. I made chicken and dumplings for the family for the night I went out, but DH didn't leave me that many dumplings.)
Friday-sandwich for lunch with crusty bread, pasta with the kids for dinner
Saturday-small sandwich for lunch, crumble topping on dessert (gooseberry and sour cherry crumble, numnumnum, more on that later this week)
Sunday-Are you ready? Pancakes for breakfast, pizzeria pizza for lunch, homemade whole wheat muffins for a snack and whole wheat pasta for dinner. Oy. And I have to say I really felt the difference. I was literally sick from all the flour.

There were several times that I reached for the kids pasta or the scraps of their sandwiches. But because I was really trying to limit my flour intake I resisted for the sake of science (or whatever this qualifies as).

I do believe though that I feel better when I limit the flour foods I eat. I did not however restrict my carb intake. I ate rice one night, all manner of vegetables, granola and oatmeal for breakfast. I do feel like I feel better when I eat some carbs, whole grains, and of course I am passionate about veggies. But what is it about the flour that makes me so sick? I do not have celiac disease, that much I know. But I can't stand how sluggish I feel after so much flour.

But this 'experiment' has left me with all kinds of questions. I have begun my research into the history of flour and what makes it tick. I should have something for you next week. I'll keep you posted.


  1. After rereading this I decided to change the name, because my flour intake didn't seem all that low most of the time....Perhaps this week I can do better?

  2. There was an article in the Costco Magazine a few weeks ago about a woman who was misdiagnosed with CD. She went gluten free for over a year and felt amazing...only to discover she'd been misdiagnosed. Flour is not really good for any of us in excess and will drag you down because of the blood sugar spike/drop thing. I could write more about that...or maybe I'll let COB do the research...